Transforming Lives through Strengths Education

  • As an advocate of a life well lived,  I love to help people discover their strengths, learn what energizes them, and leverage what they do best to enhance their engagement and well-being.


  • I use the CliftonStrengths (previously StrengthsFinder) assessment to help identify and direct what engages, energizes, and drives us so that you can be more successful. It can foster transformation into a better career life path.


To take the Clifton StrengthFinder 2.0, you can either go to the Gallup Website, or purchase the book from any major retailer and use the code in the back of the book. Beware of used copies, as they often have a previously used code that will no longer be valid. 

Introductory video by The Gallup Organization regarding the Clifton StrengthsFinder


I offer One on One Strengths Coaching, Team StrengthsFinder Coaching, and Group StrengthsFinder presentations.

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One on One Strengths Coaching

I work with individuals to understand their StrengthsFinder Results, learning how to develop and then integrate strengths into life and work.


Team StrengthsFinder Coaching

I work with teams to better understand, develop, and integrate their strengths. Team Strengths Coaching also helps teams develop and sustain Strategic Partnerships and improves interpersonal dynamics.

Group StrengthsFinder Presentations

If you or your organization want to learn more about Strengths, the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 and how to apply and integrate strengths, I can facilitate one or more a group StrengthsFinder sessions in which the team learns about the fundamentals of a Strengths-based journey and its benefits.

Client List


I have worked with Folsom Lake College, Moorpark College,  American River College (Natomas Center), North Orange County Community College District, Consumes River College (with 34 Strong,) College of the Redwoods' department of Nursing and Health Occupations, LA Valley College's Continuing Education Department, the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, River Charter Schools, and Franklin Elementary School (Loomis, CA.)

And while my clients are largely colleges and educational institutions, the benefits of Strengthsfinder data can benefit any organization — big or small — corporate or nonprofit; anywhere that people work together for a common good and shared goals and objectives. Could your organization be next?"


Joe was truly amazing in the delivery of our retreat’s StrengthsFinder session. He was infectiously energetic, highly motivating and keenly relatable. We hope to find an opportunity to have him come back again.
— Laura Manyweather, Santa Monica College Non-credit department
Our leadership team enjoyed the workshop; information was clear, relevant and engaging.
The session provided an opportunity to reflect about ourselves in the context of our roles. This new information allowed us to gain perspective about our interactions with each other.

We are looking forward to applying these concepts because we can see the positive effect it will have not only for our team but for the campus’ culture.
— Dr. Habib, Vice President, Madera Community College Center
Joe provided an excellent training for the Cal-IPC Board of Directors that concurrently served as a great team building opportunity. Each participant shared their unique combination of strengths with one another. I really appreciated the special care that Joe put into the training, which included making special name tags for each participant that listed - color coded - their top strengths. Joe was very engaging, perceptive and personable, and quickly put people at ease with his style. The training allowed me to look more closely at the skills that various Board members bring to the table and how best to utilize them. I would highly recommend his training to others.
— Jutta Burger, Board President, CAL-IPC
Folsom Lake College

The workshop ..” is making folks talk and reflect on their communication styles, which is exactly what I was hoping for.
— President Rachel Rosenthal (retired)
Moorpark College
Joe did an excellent job of introducing Strengths Finder to our leadership team at Moorpark College,
and he created quite a bit of excitement among the participants. He also has taken the time to provide me with some individual coaching on how to capitalize on my own strengths in my position, and how to harness the strengths of my executive team.”
— President Luis Sanchez
I just wanted to put it out there that you inspired someone out there today and it will be a session that I will keep with me for the rest of my career.
— Recent participant in a Strengths-based education and leadership workshop.
Chrysler Corp.
Joe really helped me to define, both verbally and in written communication, my unique combination of strengths & how I apply them to my work. Prior to taking this survey & working with Joe to understand the results, it had been difficult to share with others how I do what I do. “
— Jim Minewiser, Development Lead - Global Uconnect Architecture, FCA Advanced Development Engineering, Chrysler Automobiles
Joe is knowledgeable and was extremely helpful to me and my staff at Franklin Elementary School. He tailored the information to our roles as educators and also worked with individual PLC groups to enhance their team interactions and performance. I have used what I learned during our Strengths Finder coaching sessions in my work already and have plans to further implement strengths-based work in the future. Additionally, while Joe exemplifies strong professional skills, he is also very personable and, as such, was able to foster connections and build trust with staff members at Franklin.
— Principal Meyer
I am so grateful for the work Joe has done with my team. He is an amazing strengths coach! A-MAZ-ING! Joe’s 1:1 coaching sessions and team workshop were hand down the best I’ve experienced. I am inspired to really focus on maximizing the talents of my team and make using a strengths-based approach one of our core values
— Donelle D. Davis, Assistant Director Advising and Retention Services Student Academic Success Center University of California, Davis
Joe was able to help our team discuss our strengths in a meaningful way and was very helpful to the growth of our team.
— Heather Edwards, Partner, Girard & Edwards, Attorneys at Law
Joe helped me interpret my StrengthsFinder results and understand the relationships between them. In isolation, each strength carries a bit of information, but the true value becomes more evident once the information is connected and put in context.
I have no doubt that Joe’s coaching will help me become a better mentor at work.
— G.P.
The timing could not have been better for my Strengthsfinder consultation: a few days before a big job interview. Joe helped me understand how the strengths I identified could be applied for my job interview. He also took the time to help me figure out how to talk about them with interviewers. The consultation and game plan we developed gave me the confidence to succeed at the interview.
— C.F.
I learned a lot during my Strength Finders coaching sessions with Joe; he was able to clarify items and answer questions with good examples that enhanced my learning and were applicable to me personally. I highly recommend Joe’s Strength Finder coaching. It will be a great asset for anyone wishing to grow in their career or expand into a new one.
— M.P.

About Joe

I was not particularly engaged in high school nor in the first few years in junior college. I barely graduated from high school, and ended up failing most of my classes during a community college term.

However, during my next term I had professors and staff that sincerely took an interest in my success, which lead to far greater personal engagement and success. I was able to graduate the next year, and continued my educational journey, all the way to earning a doctorate in education. That semester of failure and heartache was transformative for me, making a tremendous impact on my life, and sparking a life-long interest in community college and organizations that support human growth and interpersonal development.

 I was introduced to StrengthsFinder during my first class in CANDEL-the Capital Area North Doctorate in Educational Leadership. This helped me identify areas in which I had talent, and provided me with the language to understand how those talents had become strengths. 

While working for a state agency, my Strengths journey re-awakened and I began to really see the power of understanding one's own talents and strengths, as well as learning how to apply and integrate them.

I decided to pursue a certification in StrengthsFinder, and love being a StrengthsFinder Coach. It really is about following your bliss and going with your strengths.

What's Your Story? How can I help you find bliss, success, and strength? Let's talk. 


My Top 5 Clifton StrengthsFinder Themes:

Empathy| Developer| Positivity| Strategic| Connectedness

I am a certified StrengthsFinder Coach with a background in education. I have taught for a nationally recognized university and have a doctorate in education with a focus on Educational Leadership from the Joint UC Davis- CSU Sonoma program- CANDEL (Capital Area North Doctorate in Educational Leadership).


Contact me to discover how you can leverage your talents into Strengths. 

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