Interview and Career Transition Coaching


It all started when…

 A friend and colleague was interested in changing jobs. She had been in the same position for a while and was bored, lacked challenges, and wanted to move ahead with her career.  After receiving coaching her on her strengths, she felt inspired and a new sense of purpose and value. She incorporated strength statements into her resume, shared them during her interview as they related to her past accomplishments and her benefits to her potential new employer, and achieved a promotion to a new agency. She is much happier now, appreciated for her strengths, and getting great feedback from her colleagues. 

I have coached other friends and associates as they prepared for interviews or were frustrated and unfocused about their futures. Strength coaching gave them a powerful insight into how they could fit best within new jobs and now each of them has made big changes, accomplishing things they had never imagined they could, and are much happier.

I would welcome the opportunity to help you refocus on your value, ascertain how to market yourself based on your strengths, and identify what motivates you.

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I owe a debt of gratitude to Joe for assisting me in my career. I was struggling and really unhappy with my job. I’d been on many interviews, but I didn’t have the focus that I needed to really nail them. Joe coached me in Strengths Finder and interview preparation, and it made all the difference! Joe helped me to identify my strengths and to see what value I could take to a new position. With his direction, I was able to prepare for my interview and develop a closing statement that helped me nail my dream job. I am now a supervisor for the state of California, and love what I do. Thanks Joe for all your guidance and assistance.
— Shelly Phillips
“Joe facilitated a Strengths Finder assessment and provided coaching for me. His coaching was particularly helpful not just in identifying and capitalizing on my strengths, but in articulating and capitalizing on these strengths. I would particularly recommend Joe Darin Coaching to individuals looking to change jobs or industries. While you may have skills specific to your current job or industry, Joe can help you understand how these skills can be translated into strengths that you can bring to a new role. He would also be beneficial is helping individuals advance from technician to supervisor. He helped me identify the unique strengths I can bring to a role of managing a team, and, more importantly, to leverage these skills to be the best manager I can be.”
— Bernadette Austin
When I unexpectedly found myself laid off by my employer of over a decade, I was at a loss for how to approach the next phase of my career. After Joe and I talked through the results of my StrengthsFinder assessment, I had a solid understanding of how to describe my knowledge, skills, and experience in a way that highlighted my top 5 Strengths. I was also struggling with how to “talk myself up” during interviews because it is contradictory to my nature. Joe’s explanation of my Strengths results (e.g., Theme Insights) and coaching enabled me to feel more confident in interviews. He helped me craft responses to frequently asked interviewer questions that conveyed my strengths in a straightforward, genuine manner that was true to my personality. I recently underwent three rounds of phone and in-person interviews that culminated in a job offer, and I credit my feeling prepared and comfortable during each one to Joe’s coaching and encouragement. I strongly recommend working with him to anyone who is considering a career transition or needs help with interview preparation.
— Jessica Hughes