Internships Help Community College Grads' Job Prospects

Gallup recently published an article (January 17, 2018, written by Ashley Artrip and Zac Auter) that discussed some recent findings regarding the power of internships:

40% of associate degree graduates had a relevant job or internship while in school had a job right after graduation

16% with a non relevant job or internship had a job waiting for them.

6% without a job or internship had a job waiting for them.

In addition, they found that grads with relevant internship experiences have positive workforce outcomes: 

Based on employed associate degree holders who had a job or internship during school:

                              Completely related              Somewhat related             Not at all related
Engaged at work                 49%                                 40%                                   19%

The conclusion of the article was that two-year colleges should consider the value of an increased emphasis on internships.

Is your college able to successfully develop relevant internships?