8 Things to know about students

Gallup recently published an article about the Eight Things You Need to Know About Students. 

The article sites the 2016 Gallup Student Poll Snapshot Report which reveals these eight things:

  1. Engaged and hopeful students fare better on desirable outcomes, such as better self-reported academic performance and less absenteeism.

  2. Students become less engaged as they journey through school.

  3. Many students have a best friend at school, but few get to do what they do best every day.

  4. Getting to do what they do best drives high school students' perception of success at school.

  5. Many young students but few older students feel surrounded by caring adults at school.

  6. Engagement and hope are linked to students' plans after high school.

  7. Entrepreneurial aspiration wanes for high school students.

  8. Involvement in extracurricular activities boosts positive outcomes for students. 

     (by Valerie J. Calderon and Daniela Yu, May 25, 2017)

How do you think your school can apply these findings?